Architectural Frameless Shower Door Clamps and Brackets are distinguished by a quality control process that is based on a "hands-on" approach to assembly, inspection and testing to assure a finished product that will remain beautiful, and function properly, for years to come. Quality materials are part of the difference. We use solid brass or stainless steel so durability is never in question. Unlike inferior hardware made of cast and plated metals, our Clamps and Brackets are intended to last the lifetime of the enclosure, with little risk of the degradation or discoloration found in lesser grades of hardware.


This CRL Fixed Panel U-Clamp mounts directly to the wall, ceiling or floor to secure vertical fixed glass panels. Clearance between the glass and wall is from 5/32 to 3/16 inch (4.0 to 4.8 millimeter). Clear silicone can be used to seal the gap and provide a clean, water-tight appearance.


This Sleeve Over Glass Clamp is designed to provide a mechanical fastener to cover the shear forces placed on the glass panels. Can also be used to secure the glass panels in position while the applied silicone in the joint cures.